The Midnight Express Show Band

Danger Zone is probably one of the best Boogie singles you never heard. Midnight Express was a band from Illinois that was headed by Robbie M. “Danger Zone” being their first single this track was originally released as a very limited 45 single, but ultimately getting a proper 12″ pressing on The Midnight Express Show Band's TRI-FIRE Records label in 1983. “Danger Zone” is only one of two tracks ever made public by the group. Midnight Express disbanded just a few years after it’s first release due to creative differences, Robbie M, wanted to keep recording original compositions and later went on to create his own Label Ronea Records.

Danger Zone was Aired on several Quad Cities Radio Stations, KALA 88.5fm located at ST. Ambrose College, and KSTT 11.70am, a Popular mainstream Radio Station which aired Danger Zone in their weekly music challenges. Below is the out come of Danger Zone's standing in those weekly music Challenges.

Midnight Express Show BAND